Traveling head cutting machine

Traveling head cutting machine is Gerson Traveling head press.The travel head is versatile moving that use small to medium sized cutting dies to cut material in sheet or roll material.

Traveling head cutting machine
Traveling head cutting machine

The traveling head cutting machine can die cut out the material : synthetics, fabric, sponge ,Sand paper ,textiles, leather, gasket, foam materials, plastics, carpet, felt, rubber, EVA,EPE,XPE etc.

The material can feed by your manual hand ,or autoamtic feed the sheet or roll depending on your requirement and material.For example, the material can be feeding in from the front or from the back by, using a double roller material feed.

The machine is easy for using ,low noise and , minimum maintenance and maximum safety for your production.Using top quality hydraulic parts and hydraulic system to make surethe machine high productivity, efficiency.

Welcome to contact Gerson for more information ,Any custom build machine can be accpet .No other extra fees .Please contact us below or send mail.

Model GRM(A)-25,35,40,50,80,100
Maximum Cutting Force 250KN to 1000KN
Area of work table(mm) 1600,1800,2000,2200,2500*500,600,800,1000,1200,1500
Dimension of press head(mm) 500*500,600*600,800*800,1000*1000
Adjustable travel(mm) 5-150
Main motor power 2.2,4.0KW
Machine dimensions(mm) 2200,2400,2600*620*2000
Weight(approx.) 2000,2500,3500,3800,4800,6000kg

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